Case Study: Cannabis Private Investment Summit


About the Client:

The Cannabis Private Investment Summit is produced by New York City-based conference and brand management firm, Kahner Global. Kahner Global specializes in curating high-level conferences and events, and has a proven ability to develop mutually-beneficial, lasting  relationships in highly competitive markets.The Cannabis Private Investment Summit began in 2015 in New York City, and is the premiere summit for institutional investors, family offices, and ultra high net worth investors. The summit is now held annually in Ft. Lauderdale, Beverly Hills, Toronto, New York City and San Francisco.

About the Project:
After Beth began researching and networking within the cannabis industry, it was clear that there was a need for connective experiences in this brand-new, ever-evolving and innovative space. When researching the top cannabis conferences in the US, Beth was intrigued by Kahner Global and the founder’s business acumen. Beth connected to see if the firm needed any assistance with its upcoming events, and the founder hired her to plan and execute the summit in Ft. Lauderdale, and provide planning support for the summits in Beverly Hills and Toronto 2019

Primary: Event Planning

Secondary: Marketing, Research, Sales Support, Content Creation, Account Management, Administrative Support


Initially, Beth worked with Kahner Global’s CEO, Noa Kahner, to develop a deeper understanding of the summit’s niche, high-end clientele and structure. Since the events are not open to the public, it was a departure from events Beth had planned in the past.

After the on-boarding process was over and the new year began, Beth provided sales and administrative support to the company’s CEO for the Ft. Lauderdale event, as she was on a partial maternity leave until March 1st.

Utilizing Hubspot, Mailchimp and Wix, Beth marketed the conference to existing customers, while researching and contacting prospective speakers and sponsors for the event.

Primarily, Beth served as account manager, on-boarding the sponsors and speakers and ensuring that KG had all marketing materials necessary for the website, signage, and conference brochure. Select sponsors were featured in interviews on the firm’s blog, and Beth was responsible for coordinating and conducting the interviews in accordance with the overall conference marketing calendar.

Additionally, Beth served as liaison between Kahner Global and the venues for each event, including pre-and-post-conference networking parties.

Onsite, Beth was primary contact for the event in Ft. Lauderdale; running the event from Kahner Global’s perspective; managing event volunteers and staff; ensuring the event’s emcee adhered to the timeline; supervising setup, floor plan changes, audio visual, food and beverage; and ensuring that attendee and sponsor expectations were exceeded.

For the events in Beverly Hills and Toronto, Beth was primary point of contact for any venue or event operations-related issues, while Kahner Global’s CEO was able to deepen relationships with attendees, sponsors, and partners.

Beth also provided post-event reporting on attendance, and supported the CEO with event surveys and follow-up questions and calls for each event. Finally, Beth developed a job description and training manual for the firm’s first full-time employee, who begins in August of 2019.


  • 3 events planned & executed

  • 20 sponsors per event

  • 100-160 attendees per event

  • Developed company training program

Erin Roche, Candy & Flowers PR & Noa Kahner, Founder & CEO of Kahner Global

Erin Roche, Candy & Flowers PR & Noa Kahner, Founder & CEO of Kahner Global

I hired Beth at a very crucial time for my company with hopes that she would make sure nothing goes wrong during my maternity leave. Beth went above and beyond my hopes and expectations to make all of our events run smoothly and well organized. Beth worked tirelessly to get everything done on schedule before and after each event. Our clients were so pleased to have such a pleasant and caring contact at the company.

It's hard to put in words the amount of appreciation I have for Beth and for everything she has helped me do for the last eight months. She puts a lot of heart into everything she does and any organization would be lucky to have her.

Noa Kahner, Founder & CEO, Kahner Global