My Interview with The Food Magic Podcast

I met Michelle Silberman through the Cooking with CBD event I produced earlier this year, and we immediately connected. She is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, as founder and CEO of Snackadabra, a local startup that has seen incredible success within this market and beyond.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed our conversation! Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite Food Magic moment below!

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How to Maximize Attendees' Time in Your Trade Show & Expo Floor

About 8 years ago, I was a vendor at, what was promised to be, ‘the largest event showcase’ in my home city of Philadelphia. At the time, I was working full time for a well-known, high-end catering and event venue and took the entire day out of the office. Between setting up the booth, manning the booth and leaving myself time to network, it was a huge undertaking.

There must have been over 200 vendors that filled the Convention Center floor—everyone from lighting companies to staging, venue representatives and event designers packed the space. We were set up 15 minutes prior to the start of the event as instructed…and we waited.

And waited.

Oh, and waited some more.

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Tools to Help Make Your Processes More Efficient

Let’s start here: I’ve always been the person who finds more efficient ways to perform tasks. In my corporate past, I’d find ways to streamline communication between managers who worked opposite schedules, or to make meetings more efficient. In the startup world, I found that remote work was the most efficient use of my time, rather than shlepping between work spaces throughout the day. Now, with my clients, the onboarding process typically sees me finding ways to make working together more efficient. After all, many businesses have a handle on internal communication, but bringing in an external and/or remote team can be challenging.

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Create. Invite. Share. Boost.

On a normal day in 2019, I’ll receive anywhere from 10-15 “Event” invitations. From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meetup and networking groups I belong to, I could literally fill my entire month’s calendar in the span of a week. Less, if I took into consideration all of the articles I read concerning local events and happenings, and personal invitations. There is, quite literally, not enough hours in the day. There is, though, enough so-called “events in the day.

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Guest Blog: Five website mistakes that are keeping you from closing (and how to fix them)

If your website is done well, it should make you feel like you have a salesperson on your team, working her tail off as your own personal hype woman. You don’t even have to have a super fancy, custom-built website to make this happen. In fact, I’m a huge fan of Squarespace and all of its built-in features. But you do have to have well planned content that guides your potential customers through your site and encourages them to take action before they click away.

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