GUEST BLOG: Incorporating Your Brand into Your Corporate Event

By Shila Scarlet Griffith, NCIDQ, LEED AP

Every few months I’ll get that frantic call from a new client, “we have an event coming up in two weeks (or less) and we don’t have anything printed.” The worst is when a company doesn’t have a brand identity in place, so there isn’t even a logo to utilize or a brand vibe to convey and something is slapped together last minute.

Always be closing

It’s easy to get so focused on current work that business owners often neglect to think ahead about the next set of clients or customers. The rule of thumb is to look for more work when you’re busy so that you don’t run into an unexpected lull. A good way to do that is to have your branding established for print and digital marketing. Having a brand identity in place allows a company to move forward with any print collateral, social media posts, email marking and the building or updating of a website. I can’t tell how nice it is for my clients to have all their graphic files in one folder so when a logo, company profile or color palette are requested, the inquiry can be addressed in less than five minutes.

Don’t procrastinate

A single event has several elements to consider—the invitation, RSVP and ticketing structure, food and beverages, scheduling speakers, entertainment and security to name a few. However, what’s the take away that will allow attendants to remember your company? All your employees should have plenty of business cards, but are you rolling out a new service, product or program? If that’s the case, you’ll need some type of pamphlet, lookbook or brochure to educate your base. Any effective print takeaway often has stellar copywriting, appealing photography and a compelling message. All of these elements require coordination—often on the part of the designer. An adequate amount of time is needed to actually get these pieces designed and printed. At a minimum, I recommend getting all your content in place at least two months ahead of time so that the design and printing process aren’t rushed and you have time to request refinements.

Give it away

If you’re thinking of giving away a branded item at an event, keep in mind that you want prospective clients or customers to have a takeaway, not a throw away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left an event where someone handed me a branded trinket that I threw away as soon as I got home because I didn’t just didn’t have a use for it. That’s a waste of your marketing budget and there’s less of a chance that person will remember your company. You want to give something away that is useful and provides a value to your current and future clients.

Hosting or sponsoring a corporate event is an opportunity to give your base a taste of what they can expect by working with you or purchasing your product. Your brand and corresponding marketing should clearly convey the values and priorities of your company and most importantly, be memorable.

Shila Scarlet Griffith, NCIDQ, LEED AP is the Founder and Principal Designer of  SG23 Design .

Shila Scarlet Griffith, NCIDQ, LEED AP is the Founder and Principal Designer of SG23 Design.