Case Study: Spinnaker Summit 2018

Photo courtesy of Spinnaker Summit

Photo courtesy of Spinnaker Summit

About the Client:

The Spinnaker Summit was the brainchild of Modev founder Pete Erickson, and strategic partner Netflix. Modev is, at its core, a community developers, engineers, designers, product leaders and executives, and the firm produces events that bring the community together for educational and networking opportunities to advance as individuals and organizations.

Modev began in 2008 as a meetup group, and has grown to become an internationally-recognized name in high quality programming and community building—with over 25,000 members. Modev believes that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation, and seeks to help organizations build community in the form of events, workshops, hackathons, recruitment and more.

About the Project:
After the success of VOICE 2018, Beth was appointed by Modev’s CEO to co-Project Manage the Spinnaker Summit, being held at the Motif Seattle. Beth worked in conjunction with the all-remote Modev team, sponsors, strategic partners, and venue staff to plan the two-day summit, sight unseen. 

Primary: Event Project Management

Secondary: Marketing, Event App Development


Initially, Beth worked with Modev’s remote co-project manager to develop the room assignments, schedule, audio visual, food and beverage, and event app development. Through a series of phone calls and virtual walkthroughs, Beth worked to optimize the space for the main sessions and breakout sessions, and worked with the audio/visual team to develop a visually stunning and technologically-advanced plenary stage.

After fleshing out the schedule and the rooms that were being used for the overall event, it was time to engage local partners and plan the ancillary/sponsor events, including location and menu. Beth then worked to create onsite signage and select technology partners for registration, check-in, wayfinding, and networking at the conference.

Working with event app Socio, Beth developed and updated Spinnaker Summit’s branded app and rolled it out to attendees three weeks prior to the event. Beth also made sure that all speaker, sponsor, and event information was kept up-to-date throughout all of the last-minute changes that occurred.

When it came time to execute the event, Beth provided remote support for her team onsite, including app updates, communicating with vendors, and closing out invoices as needed.Post-event, Beth served as project manager, collected and closed any unpaid invoices and delineated post-event data collected through surveys and partner feedback. 


  • Over 300 Guests

  • 6 Tracks

  • 2 Days

  • 50 Speakers

  • 2 Ancillary Events