Brands that Won BizBash 2018

A huge part of BizBash 2018 is the Expo, and this year’s did not disappoint. Many of the brands stepped up their activation game, and here are a few that stood out to me:

SilverStream: The converted airstream company had a prime spot on the exhibit floor, right when you walked in. They had an incredibly vibrant setup with a bar, a small photo booth, and adorable decor that fit right in with their brand and tagline - “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

MirMir: The photo booth to the stars was a standout among many. The plain white background and professional-looking cameras flanked a screen that displayed a scroll of celebrity-studded photos taken by the Shark-Tank backed brand at various events. The experience, however, was the star. Both impeccably dressed gentlemen who were working the booth helped Nicole and I with the perfect poses, both in black-and-white and a full-color gif. Bonus: Both cameras already have beautification filters. Undereye circles, begone!

Athena Entertainment: Between the women dancing in larger-than-life martini glasses, to the costumed, extravagant models who were real-life lamps, elegant tablescapes and floral arrangements, you couldn’t help but look. Always a show-stopper.

Cort Event Furnishings: Between their own booth, the BizBash Booth and the Lounge, Cort was really a standout. They smartly included charging stations (that weren’t bulky or unsightly) and some of their most beautiful and comfortable furnishings. I also loved that their booth recreated a scene from their newest catalog. 

Sharingbox: This interactive and eye-catching photo booth had a colorful backdrop, completely shareable format and just the right amount of edge to set it apart, even with so many photo booths there.

Foto Novelty: Yet another photo booth company, but their all-mirror booth prints and emails photos that beg to be shared. In fact, I shared mine right after it was taken! To borrow a phrase from Adam Grant, it was the “Purple Cow” of the room (and the brand responsible for the cover photo of this blog)

BeTime Practice: The meditation booth (bus) was everything. I have to admit, I get a little overwhelmed sometimes with NYC travel, so it was a welcome surprise to be able to curl up and take a few deep breaths in the absolutely gorgeous space.

Which brands won BizBash for you?