New Client: HerHeadquarters

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I value a collaborative business approach, as well as  an abundance mindset that leaves room for multi-dimensional and mutually-beneficial partnerships. 

When Carina Glover, founder & CEO of HerHeadquarters, reached out to me following a recommendation by Eric Michael, it was as if a dream project had fallen into my lap. HerHeadquarters is an app which encourages women business owners in (5) industries to connect, collaborate and find their ally.

“Real Bosses Have Allies,” the central pillar of the brand, will come to life with the first-ever pop-up experience for the brand, set to debut early Fall in Los Angeles. The Bosses’ Lounge will be a one-day experience, bringing women business owners from the Events, PR, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty industries together to network, learn together, and—hopefully—find their allies.

I’ll be coordinating logistics, partnership management, and event execution for the pop-up experience, September 2019.