New Client: The Palm

I love when things come full-circle

I worked at the Palm Restaurant for three years in their event sales and marketing department, and while there, I designed the catering for the Bellevue’s Corporate Tent at Radnor Hunt Races. When The Palm reopened after an extensive renovation, the new General Manager, Julie Millard, contracted me to assist with the logistics of the Palm’s presence for Radnor Hunt 2018.

I’ll be the liaison between The Palm and The Bellevue, and taking the lead on making sure that the restaurant has everything they need for a successful showing at the 88th Annual Radnor Hunt 2018

The event takes place under an outdoor tent, at a horse race. For this reason, there are many logistical challenges to properly (and safely) set up a working, outdoor kitchen. I’ll work with The Palm’s Executive Chef and Management Team to ensure that the menu, decor, timeline, staffing, and experience exceeds expectations. 

The 88th Annual Radnor Hunt Races will take place Saturday, May 19, 2018.