Tech, Blockchain and Cannabis Events: What Do they Have in Common?

Industries have been using events to connect for decades. Bringing together key stakeholders, partners, media and your team can create a morale boost for years to come. With the market crash, however, came a lot of layoffs and budget cutbacks within this segment of businesses. While businesses have recovered, some companies still don’t see the value in hosting an event vs. spending that budget on digital ads or a similar campaign.

The truth is, as new businesses and industries emerge, we need human connection more than ever. As the tech, blockchain and cannabis industries continue to develop, I’m finding that these sectors need human connection the most, and for good reason.

When it comes to tech event planning, there’s always an element of connection pre-event, during the event and after. As new technologies emerge, so too do communities of developers within that particular skillset. Slack channels have become increasingly popular as a tool for attendees, speakers and sponsors to begin to connect prior to the conference, bounce ideas off of one another and ask one another questions—even solving problems and working through roadblocks of new technology together.

Blockchain event planning has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, bringing together thought leaders within the space for multi-day learning and networking conferences. With such a new and constantly-changing industry, it’s imperative to continue to educate professionals, executives, and the media on what’s to come in 2019.

The Cannabis Industry is relatively new, and spread out, due to state regulations and the different considerations for doing business within that industry between states. Like blockchain, cannabis event planners need to consider that this community has been spotty, at best, in the past. Bringing together innovators, mature and young businesses within the space will increase in importance as the years go on. Education, creating a sense of community, and networking will only increase business’ chances of success.

2019 will see these industries continue to evolve, and with that comes new event requirements and expectations.

What were some of your favorite events that you attended this year?