Why Events Alone Aren't Enough

The event planning industry has been crafting experiences for their clients, whether associations, nonprofits, or corporations, for years.

Lately, though, many inside and outside the industry are finding that an event alone isn’t enough. There needs to be intention behind the event as a whole and every facet of it, from the decor and lighting to thematic elements in the food, beverage and entertainment. As I’ve discussed before, there also needs to be connection between attendees, and attendees and the hosts and sponsors.

Event Planners need to have a Marketing brain, and high-level marketers need to have an Event Planning brain, and the knowledge to bring it all together to represent the brand, association, corporation, and sponsors in the best light.

Increasingly, event planners and marketers are merging to become Chief Experience Officers, or a similar title. This is wonderful that brands are realizing the power of events, however I do think there’s an opportunity for education for those with just a marketing background on how to execute events and provide the same, elevated experience as a Certified Meeting Professional. It may seem from the outside that planning events and experiences is ‘easy,’ but there is a lot that needs to go perfectly behind the scenes in order to execute effortlessly.

If you or your team are considering using the immersive power of events to bring an extra push to your marketing efforts, book a consultation to make sure you’re covering all the bases!