GUEST BLOG: Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs Branding

c/o Nicole R Morgenstern, Owner, CliqueCam Photo Booth Co.

 “When people think of YOUR company events, what do they think of?  No doubt there are certain colors, fonts and services that come to mind, but what else?  Personality. Attitude. Aesthetic. Your relationship to your guests, partners + employees.  All of these factors work together to create your event’s brand. 

 Corporate Event Branding 

You should always integrate your company’s brand into your corporate events. This could be as simple as the logo or as complicated as your full-blown corporate identity (i.e. company name, logo, product or positioning statement). Event branding emphasizes image. Companies that already have a strong brand can use branded events to solidify their image in potential consumers' minds. Lesser known brands can use events to introduce themselves.  So, you ask, why does MY next corporate event need to be branded?

 Branded Events Increase Your Company’s Visibility 

Holding an event for the launch of a new product/service is a good way to publicize what’s new with your brand.  Real-world events can generate a lot of buzz x create visibility in a way that digital launches simply cannot.  Another option is to organize an event aimed at a very exclusive audience.  

 Branded Events Generate Buy-In

Events are a great time + place to get to know your consumers.  They afford you the opportunity to engage customers in extended conversations about their needs, likes + dislikes. Branded corporate events are also a very good way to get attendees involved in a common project and let them feel truly part of it. 

 Branded Events Engage a Community of Buyers

Those attending your event will organically form an informal community with one another which will help them engage + connect with your brand. Employees, customers and prospective clients attending your event can become voluntary brand advocates. You can accomplish this by adding one or multiple branded photo booth activations. Keep your company’s social media + relevant hashtags visible (or on the printed photo templates!) so that people can easily share pictures of your event, as well as engage with both the company and each other during and after the event.  Take it from INFINITI USA, they had CliqueCam photo booths at a fully branded lounge at a recent event + guests were thrilled to engage as you will see HERE.

 Next time you host a corporate event, make sure you plan out something extraordinary for your guests. Create opportunities for your attendees to have photo-worthy experiences and you’ll find that they are more than happy to spread the love about your brand!”

Nicole is an avid connector + entrepreneurial thinker with over 20 years of business development, event management + brand marketing to create a direct vision. Her passion lies in building + maintaining partnerships within her connections to foster new opportunities + consistent client referrals. Her accomplishments lie in strategic marketing, cultivating community trust + elevating brand awareness through meaningful partnerships, as well as launching four brands.